Party Capital of Cyprus

Ayia Napa is the one place in Cyprus that every holiday maker should take the time out to visit. Not only because it has an excellent nightlife with many great bars, clubs and restaurants but also because it has some fabulous beaches with soft golden sand that is caressed by the clear, warm Mediterranean Sea making it a sun bather’s heaven.

Ayia Napa has so much nightlife that it would be impossible to sample a little of everything in the short space of one week.

The number of clubs in Ayia Napa ensures that there is music available to suit everyone’s tastes. It is a fast town that likes to party hard and would not be recommended to anyone with a weak disposition. It is not a place for anyone that is looking for a quiet and relaxing holiday and possibly not the best location if you have children and would prefer to take a family holiday. However there are many places that you can visit during the day that accommodate children.

Ayia Napa is always busy with many tourists and holiday makers who are looking to take their place in one of the many clubs and/or bars and party the night away. Some of the more popular clubs/bars are listed below with a short description to give you a taste of the party capital of Cyprus.

Castle Club

This club has a castle theme, holds 200 people and has been dominating the nightlife in Ayia Napa in fantastic fashion for the past 18 years. The castle Club has 3 rooms of music, 14 bars and 9 resident DJ’s. It is not only the largest club in Ayia Napa but one that ensures high quality and class everyday of the week throughout the summer.

Bedrock Inn

This is a great place for music, singing, dancing and drinking. With over 4000 songs to choose from you can guarantee that you will have a fantastic time standing up on the stage, singing one of your favourite songs. It is even possible for your children to get up and do their pop star routine between 8:30pm and 11pm. With a great atmosphere and the staff dressed like cavemen you can rest assured that this is one of the many great bars in Ayia Napa.

The Live Lounge Venue

This is a new bar situated in the heart of Ayia Napa. It is the only live music bar to be found in Ayia Napa that plays live indie music every night of the week. It has many resident bands that play many of the favourite covers as well special guests with their original music.


This is not a club with a theme based on Starsky and Hutch but rather a club that caters fro people who enjoy dancing to dance and commercially based music. It closes at 4:30 am and has a capacity to hold a 1000 people. There are two additional bars located upstairs in the club so when you are tired from all the dancing you can retire upstairs, sip on your drink whilst watching the dancing action below.